Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Yoga Challenge 2.0

Yoga Challenge 2.0

On Thu,26.Oct,2017
room7 done a second partner yoga !YAY! but I came late to school.

So I woke up at 5:29AM I was surprised that I woke up this early. I got out of bed sneak into the Kitchen and looked for the leftover pizza. But when I checked there was just two pizzas. I was like cat who did not care about anything­čśÉ .So I just took one then went to my brothers room to gently grab his laptop,I went back to my room to watch some netflix. 

After netflix,games I went to grab a drink but I heard ''where's my laptop?'' I pretended to sleep and put the laptop on the ground fast and my brother looked in my room he saw the laptop and went on the ps3 that's like almost broken i looked at the clock in my room the time was 8:40 my face dropped like a ball I went at full speed to get changed and i opened the door and yelled bye still running by the time i got there the yoga was almost finished but was funny when done the last one. 

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