Monday, 15 October 2018

Make the story better - Rainbows End

Rainbows End

I got out of the carWow!! I can already see the fear fall and the sound of the roller coasters moving was awesome. I knew I was going to have a great day with my family. We walked around. I could hear people screaming.

The first ride we went on was the mind ride. It was fun and scary I was going to go on the log ride but it was not on so I went on the rollercoaster. It went higher and higher and then shot
down where the loop was and to the corkscrew. I felt dizzy There was a ride called the invader right next to the rollercoaster.

 So I decided to go on it. Round and round and up and down it went. When I got of I really wanted to go on another ride so we went on the motion master witch is a 4d dinosaur movie. Then Thomas and Dad went on the fear fall witch is 18 stories high up up up click ahhhhhhhh!! is All you could hear.

we had lunch sandwiches and chips. We went on the power surge. It went round and round and upside down. The last ride we went on was the rollercoaster. Then we had to leave. The End.

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Monday, 24 September 2018

PB4L Expectations - office

How to use different kinds of punctuation 100%

Colon and semi-colon.

Miss Ashley’s example:
Mary went to the fruit shop and bought lots of different fruit. She bought: bananas; pears; apples; and a pineapple.

The girls team had 10 players. The team was: Hiria; Ana; Maria; Vina; Lily; Vaiola and Maani.

My examples:
 The mascots colors are: blue; red and green.
  The boys team had 6 players. The team is : person; person; person; person and person

Commas in listing.
Miss Ashley’s example: The girls team had 10 players. The team was Hiria, Ana, Maria, Vina, Lily, Vaiola and Maani.

My examples:
 The mascots colors are blue, red and green
   The boys team had 6 players. The team is  person, person, person, person and person

Miss Ashley’s example:

Mum gave Lucy (her favourite daughter) $10 for lunch.

Miss Ashley had 27 students (both girls and boys) in her class.

My examples:
 I ate an ice cream (cookies and cream)
  I ate a fruit (apple)

Sunday, 23 September 2018

fixing writing

Here is our edited story.
Things we learnt about were
  • We aren’t allowed to use then, and, also and because at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Speech marks go on the OUTSIDE of the full stop or other punctuation.
  • The end of a sentence can be marked by a full stop, an exclamation mark or a question mark. You don’t need to put an extra full stop after a question mark.
  • Remember to check ALL capital letters. Sometimes we need to put them in and sometimes we need to take them out.
On Monday 24th September 2018 Room 7 did a blindfold challenge. We wanted to have fun and make our morning a bit interesting by playing a game.

Firstly Miss Ashley told us the rules which was no touching the tables or pieces of paper on the floor or you will lose points.“  However you are allowed to touch the chairs because you sometimes have to step over them to get to the end. Next we got into buddies. My buddy was Lucina.  We had to line up by the heater in our buddies.

First it was my turn to go so Lucina (my buddy)  put the blindfold on me (over my eyes) and helped me to stand up. The blindfold was tight it felt like a constrictor boa on my face. I felt so confused and disorientated because the blindfold was covering my eyes. Lucina told me to go left, right, straight and step over.” I was feeling nervous and a little bit scared because what if she was tricking me?“ and I was really doing something silly. I got to the end safely and took my blindfold off.

Next it was my buddies turn so I helped her put the blindfold on. I told her to walk straight first, then next turn left. She doesn’t know her lefts and rights so she went the wrong way.I said no your other left and it was a little bit funny. In the end we got to the blue fruit tray and we made it without losing any points!

I think I would like to do this activity again because it was cool to do something different and fun in class especially since its the end of the term and I think we are all feeling kind of tired.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

blindfold challenge

On Friday 21st September 2018, 9.10am room 7 did the blindfold challenge, room 7 students had to get into buddies and miss arranged the furniture.

We got into buddies and my buddy was davlyn, after that miss ashley told the instructions. the instructions was you have 10 points and if you touch or bump a table or if you step on a piece of paper you lose a point, you couldn't touch the person who's blind folded.

After we got into buddies and got the instructions we played the game I had to tie davlyns Blindfold then we got up and I had to instruct him then I said “go right” and after that I said in a commanding voice  “stop your gonna bump in a table “ and he didn't bump into it then he reached the end

After davlyn was blindfolded I was blindfolded  when I was blindfolded I felt nervous and terrified at the same time when I was getting instructed I stepped on a piece of paper and it went “CRUNCH” I was like “did I step on a paper “ then davlyn replied “YES” in a frustrated voice and I reached the end.

My favorite part is when I lost a point and being blindfolded.