Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Falakika & Stanley - Partner Yoga

On Tuesday, 24th October 2017 room7 done an activity Partner Yoga “ Girls only allowed to buddy with another girl and same to boys ” Explained Miss Ashley.While everyone was getting into buddies me and Stanley just sat there.

Me and Stanley had no partners because we. Were to shy to get into buddies, so Miss Ashley  told me & Kika to go and take photos of the class. While they were doing the activity the kids who done the yoga were in there spots when the first photo came on the tv.

Stanley -I got Miss Ashley’s phone and Kika got the Ipad but her phone wasn’t working so Miss Ashley gave me the other Ipad like Kika did to but mine was a bit bigger, anyways while we were taking  photos of them it was already kind of difficult for them on the first one but  they still carried on and it was really fun to see them laughing and enjoying their time.They kept on shouting “ STANLEY! STANLEY! ”And by the time they already crumbled down to the floor.But they tried to balance properly.

Me & Stanley were enjoying our time taking photos, when it came to the last one Miss Ashley made it very hard.After the last one they still wanted to do a bit more than have P.E after so we did it and then we went outside for P.E, we saw room 8 playing bullrush so Miss Ashley & Miss MOrrison thought it would be nice if we joined room 8 together so we did but some of us didn’t want to play with room 8.It was so hilarious, Everytime they would go to the next photo Miss would always tell us to Inhale & Exhale.Some of them were so flexible and upright like Merielle & Hiria.

Lydia,Hevani,Grace & Edith meticulously got most of my attention because they were boisterous. In P.E the classes together was extended.

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