Wednesday, 17 May 2017

STANLEY- T2 Writing Sample 2017

TERM 2 WRITING SAMPLE 2017 - RECOUNT NAME: Stanley GENERAL ATTITUDE QUESTIONS (Tick the box that best suits you with a ✓ )CUT AND PASTE THE TICK Very Unlike Me Unlike Me Like Me Very Like Me 01. I like writing at school. ✓ 02. I am good at writing. ✓ 03. My teacher thinks I am good at writing. ✓ 04. My mum and dad think I am good at writing ✓ 05. I enjoy writing in my own time (not at school). ✓ 06. I am good at spelling. ✓ TEACHER: MODERATOR: ELEMENT RUBRIC SCORE COMMENT RUBRIC SCORE COMMENT Ideas Structure and Language Organisation Vocabulary Sentence Structure Punctuation Spelling Next Steps for Learning: Whānau and family time Think of a time when you did something special with your whānau or family. Write to recount that time. Write about: when and where you did something special who was with you what you did (think about the order you did things) how you felt and why you felt this way. Remember to: choose your words carefully write in full sentences take care with your spelling and punctuation give your writing a title check your work: read it through and fix any mistakes you find. Name:stanley Start Writing here ROOM 7 won (-’: Yesterday afternoon we packed up to play line basketball. With room 8. We played basketball because the soccer tournament was canceled. Because it was raining. in the morning and night then the afternoon it was sunny but the court was wet and muddy. My class went to the court first.We went to the other way to court because the other way was blocked off by muddy wet and dirty water.Then room 8 came in a.horrible line and miss said “ if they were my kids they would do the line again “ Then all of us got sorted but room 8 had 12 people and we had 16. So miss put 2 of the class family to room 8 and they were auckland and mariell. we all went in lines to play. I went to play on the third round I played we had to touch the pole then run and get the ball. Then play the floor was slippery and wet so we had to be careful wosh!! I almost fell. Then Miss sent me to go get joshua I ran then took a breath ran then took a breath ran then took a breath and I was there I felt happy won

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